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SasuHina Collab with SasuxHina-fanfic-fc
SasuHina Week 2011
The Distance
Love Knows No Bounds
SasuHina: The Good Times and the Bad
SasuHina Week 2010
SasuHina: Picture "Perfect" Moments
It's a SASUHINA Winter Wonderland


:wave: Thanks for stopping by the club everyone. :meow: Hope you enjoyed your stay! :love: Free Hinata Icon by Insert-Food
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:below: This is the person you bother if you need any help or have any questions about the group. Don't be afraid or shy, she loves talking to the amazing members. :love: :below:




NOTICE: WE NO LONGER AFFILIATE WITH HATE GROUPS. Prompting/promoting hate on anything is not something this group wishes to be affiliated with. We believe in respect, and loving over hating. :heart:

:heart: Check out these other amazing groups~! Naruto-related or not, they all rock and some of them are run by totally cool people committed to making their groups the best they can be, so take a look! You won't be disappointed. >w< :heart:
:aww: In order to help our affiliations out, I want to feature one chosen at random each week! Every Tuesday this will be changed. :meow:

:love: Sister Clubs! :iconsasuhinanarusakufc:,:iconsasuxhina4ever: , :iconsasuxhina-fanfic-fc:, :iconsasuhinaxlatinos: :iconnarutema-sasuhina:, :iconsasuhinafc: :iconsilent--love:, :iconsasukexhinatalovers:, :iconsasuhinalove:, :iconthealternatesasuhina:, :iconsasuxhinafuture:, :iconsasuhinaxlove:, :iconsasu-hina-fc: :love:
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Welcome to the SasuxHina-FanClub!

No fighting allowed by Metadream


Image in icon was made by the fantastic Warrior-of-Ruin and used with her permission!
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SasuHina_A_Kiss_Under_A_Starry_Night by Warrior-of-Ruin
:dance:Sasuke and Hinata Youtube Vids!:dance:
:love:Why We Love SasuHina Page 1!:love:
:love:Why We Love SasuHina Page 2!:love:
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:below: New updates can be found below the main section! :below:
Welcome to the SasuxHina-FanClub! :heart:

:iconsasukeplz: :iconlove: :iconhinataplz:
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Icon request for Deidarakitty~ by MakiMashoSasuHina BW Style Icon Free! by emomage101

This is a club dedicated to the friendship/romantic relationship of Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuuga from the hit anime/manga series Naruto! :love: If you are a fan of these two friends or lovers, than this club is for you~! :meow: We offer lots of great SasuHina artwork, creative contests and other neat updates to help expand or fullfill your SasuHina love and needs! :boogie: We are proud to be the biggest SasuHina group on deviantART and do our very best to make sure we can bring our members all the SasuHina goodness we can find! If you like what you just read or other things you see, than feel free to read more to see how to join!

:new: :note: Please note that this is an active group that is usually checked at least once or more a day! Unless otherwise noted, any message sent here will be replied to within 24 hours. :love:

:sun: General Laws of the SasuxHina-FanClub! :sun:
If deciding to become a member, that means you have read and agree to abide by the following rules! :meow:
1) You must must must be a SasuHina fan~! <3 Huge lovers, just casual supports or newbies to the fandom are all welcome!
2) No stealing other people’s SasuHina work and trying to claim it as your own :/!
3) No harassing any other member for whatever reason. Please at least try and get along with other members. :)
4) Don’t fav any of the WATERMARKED work in the gallery, if you see a big WATERMARK ASKING YOU NOT TO FAV IT (from before groups were developed), please fav the original we happily provided in the author's comments :love:.
5) Please, no chain letters or other sorts of spam on the front page. It clutters the inbox and prevents updates and such from happening as quickly. :(
6) Please refrain from large amounts of cursing. We do have younger members. The occasion word will be brushed over, but all repeated and copious using will not be tolerated.
7) If you do not like SasuHina for whatever reason, please do not come and flame our page or members. We respect your difference in opinion so please respect ours. If you do flame the group or our members, you will be reported with no hesitation. :( Please leave us alone. Same goes for members, do not flame any Anti-SasuHina people or clubs. :no: If I find out any member has flamed or harassed an Anti-SasuHina club/person , I will BAN you from the club. People are allowed to have differing views remember, so give respect in order to get it!
8) Any rule breaking will be taken in a case by case basis. Minor offenses, such heavy amounts of profanity, will most likely be given warning first and then revoking membership after so many strikes. Serious offenses such as flaming or submitting art to the group that is found out to be art theft, will be automatic banning and reporting to the dA staff. :police:
9) All dA rules do apply to this group as well, so no breaking any of them on our watch. ;D
10) If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to note us or Deidarakitty at any time!

:star: Wanna join the fun? :star:
Requesting joinage to SasuxHina-FanClub means you agree to follow all the rules of the group.
1) You must like or love SasuHina, I mean why else bother to join? :meow:
2) Please locate the pretty "JOIN GROUP" button our main page and click it! :meow: You'll be accepted as soon as I see the message. <3
3) Make sure you have us watched for our SasuHina-filled updates, cool art submissions and such! ^^ (NOTE: Just :+devwatch:ing the club does not make you a member! CLICKING THE "JOIN GROUP" BUTTON IS MANDATORY. Please don't send in multipe ones though, one is all you need. )
4) Please display the club's icon or link somehow on your page. Journal or under your "Groups" Module is fine! :) To put the icon in the journal, type : iconSasuxHina-FanClub : without the spaces to see :iconsasuxhina-fanclub: or : dev SasuxHina-FanClub : without the spaces to see SasuxHina-FanClub :)
5) No mindlessly bashing other members for any reason, please try and get along everyone. This club is suppose to bring us together! ^w^
6) Have fun ^__^ :dance:
7) If you have a group you'd like to affiliate with us, please send us a request and we'd be more than happy to accept! If your group is also running any activities, please tell us and we'll give ya a shoutout in our journal and "Affiliations" widget! ^_^
:new: 8) Another new option for members! xD Have a contest you're personally ruling on your account? Tell the group! I'd love to advertise it. ;D

:deviation: Wanna submit artwork/fanfiction/cosplay to the group? :deviation:
:star: Click Here to See How to Use Our Gallery's Folders:star:
1) Probably assumed, but still I'm saying it. Whatever you submit to the club must be 100% YOURS. You cannot submit someone else's work or something you didn't make. :/ We especially don't wanna see art theft. NEW POLICY PUTS SCREEN-CAPS INTO THIS CATERGORY. dA doesn't allow them and the group could get in trouble for allowing them in, so we no longer all them to the group. Very sorry. An attempt to submit screencap related work will result in a rejection with an explanation plus a warning to the member. :(
2) Must be SasuHina related somehow, whether they are the focus or at least somehow a major point in the work. You can submit pics with just Sasuke or Hinata as the center though as long as you're not promoting them paired with another person. :) Love triangle pictures (like Sasuke x Hinata x Kiba or etc) are allowed, as long as the SasuHina side isn't being anti-ed in any way. ^^
3) All forms of art are accepted! Fanart, fiction, cosplay, crafts, base art with proper credits and much more are fine! =3 Just make sure you put effort and love into your work! :)
4) All ratings accepted, just make sure it doesn't break any of DA's rules.
5) Only members have the ability to submit, so please make sure you are one! :heart:~
6) :new: There is new procedures to submit, depending on the deviation. :heart:
:bulletpurple: First make sure the work is CURRENTLY ON dA, then please go to the proper section/folder of our gallery. :aww: On the each folder's tab bar in the corner should be a button that, when clicked says "Contributing an Existing Deviation" and "Submit a New Deviantion". Click "Contribute an Existing Deviation" and it'll pop up a window with your gallery, find the deviantions you wanna submit and click them! :D <3
7) The deviantion will then await approval by Deidarakitty, just to make sure it belongs in gallery. ;P Don't want anything non-SasuHina related!
8) We sometimes receive a high number of submissions to the gallery. Now to prevent our group from becoming one of those that "spams" too many deviations at once that end up being deleted by the watchers instead of viewed, I will accept them to the gallery in parts. So everything submitted that is acceptable will be submitted, but it might not all "appear" in the gallery at once! ;P

:handshake: Wanna affiliate with our group? :handshake:
1) Just send the SasuxHina-FanClub, or the owner, Deidarakitty, an affiliation request! We'll gladly reply with a yes as soon as we can because we will affiliate with any group, no matter the topic! ;P However we do have one exception, we do not affiliate with hate groups.
2) To send an affiliation invite, just go onto your group's homepage! :meow: You should see an "Affiliate" button near the top, or it might appear when you press the little arrow like button. ^^ Fill that out to send a request~!
:new: 3) Groups run by members are always more than welcomed to ask to affiliate! Groups run by members also get special advertisement on our journals/Affiliation widget when they have an activity or need more members! :heart: Just contact us and we'll put something out for you. :meow:

:faq: Remember Deidarakitty is the only owner and upkeeper of the club, contact her at anytime if you need to~! :heart:
:star: If anyone would like to offer some sort of prize for any future contests! [maybe a drawing, fanfiction something?] I, myself, can't offer too many, so if any members would like too, please send me a note ^__^



:boogie: Member and Group Activities!:boogie:


Collab Event Begins!


:new: Hello everyone! I am here to announce the official start of the collab event hosted by Kohaya7Kae-13, the founder of the :iconsasuxhina-fanfic-fc:, and myself at the :iconsasuxhina-fanclub:!

This event will involve pairing up an artist and a writer to create a SasuHina fanfic and art piece! :heart: Thank you everyone who signed up! Keep reading for more info about your task!

:bulletblue: YOUR TASK :bulletblue:

Your task is to simply create a SasuHina artwork and fanfic that go together! There is no theme so feel free to do whatever you and your partner would like as long as it does not break any rules!

:star: JUDGING :star:
The two founders will judge all entries based on four basic criteria.
:thumbsup: TEAMWORK (How well the artwork and fanfic go together! Did the pair clearly work together or not?)
:thumbsup: CREATIVITY/ORIGINALITY (How creative or original was the piece! Did the pair put thought into each work?)
:thumbsup: EFFORT (How much effort both teammates put into their pieces! Did each pair put in their best effort or not?)
:thumbsup: ARTISTIC/WRITING SKILLS (The least important, but still always taken into consideration in terms of presentation and readability)


Please note the FANART person is listed first and the FANFIC person is listed second! We cannot accept anymore sign ups as the deadline has passed.

1 Tsundere-girl  and ariannaisgone

2 BeastGreen  and Wendbria

3 piko-chan4ever and Dbl0rNothin

4 1090506 and Renoa-Heartilly

5 MasakiJamie and danistark

6 im-a-tumor and aurora0914

7 wonsterrr and Keii-Saru21

8 Twisted-Pretzels and sparkle77rainbow

9 BloodKnighttt and decatbastet

10 Sami01 and ixiao

11 Pamianime and JpRose

12 Hisechu and AkatsukiSaku-chan

:below:RULES :below:

1. All fanfics must be in English. All fanfics must be a ONE SHOT.
2. All fanarts are limited to ONE DEVIATION. This means it can be a single picture, a short comic or a manga page.
3. Teams, consisting of one artist and one writer, must work together to create a SasuHina art and fic.
4. The art and fic must go together. They must be related and not random!
5. All entries should NOT be above PG-13, so no graphic sex scenes/porn since we do have underage members!
6. All entries are forbidden to promote any type of hate including but not limited to sexism, racism and homophobia.
7. Other characters can be included in the art or fic, but please keep the focus on Sasuke and Hinata.
8. Working together is key! While one member of each pair is in charge of making each part, it is completely okay to ask for your partner's assistance beyond the plot making. (An example would be showing your partner a draft of your writing or a work in progress of your artwork in order to get feedback and make sure you both are in agreement for details such as setting, clothing, age and etc)
9. Fanfics should be submitted to both the SasuxHina-FanClub's folder and the SasuxHina-FanFic-FC's folder. Due to the nature of the other group, fanarts may only be submitted to the SasuxHina-FanClub's folder. Of course you can also submit your work to other groups too ;)
10. ART THEFT and PLAGIARISM is NOT allowed. Do not steal or copy! Use your own ideas! As always, any incident of this results in the entry disqualified.
11. Have fun creating and working together! We hope you guys make friends along the way! :heart:




:iconsasuxhina-fanfic-fc: sasuxhina-fanfic-fc.deviantart… (FANFICS ONLY)
:iconsasuxhina-fanclub: sasuxhina-fanclub.deviantart.c… (FANART AND FANFICS)

:party: PRIZES :party:
Prize donators are welcome!
1st place: 400:points:(200:points: each)
Fully colored drawing of one character, half body from Kohaya7Kae-13 (one for each partner!)
2nd place: 200:points:(100:points: each)
Fully colored drawing of one character, bust-up from Kohaya7Kae-13 (one for each partner!)
3rd place: 100:points:(50:points: each)
Fully colored chibi full body of one character from Kohaya7Kae-13 (one for each partner!)

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments! Otherwise partners, begin contacting your partner and start working! :wave:

Have a good day everyone! :aww:


:boogie: Member and Group Activities!:boogie:


Sign Up For Collab Event!


:new: :new: New option if you are fine with doing either a fanart OR fanfic! :la: Thanks for the people who mentioned this! It'll be really nice to have some of those to pair out in case we get too many on either side! :D

:new: Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic day :aww:

I apologize for the delay, some admins had a few problems come up, BUT nonetheless due to the positive feedback, we'll start sign ups for the collab event! :)

Kohaya7Kae-13, the founder of the :iconsasuxhina-fanfic-fc:, and I will hosting a join event/contest together!

This event will involve pairing up an artist and a writer to create a SasuHina fanfic and art piece! :heart: In the case of two many sign ups on one end, we will decide whether to pair up 2 people of the same media OR perhaps allow a few trios.

The event will officially begin in mid-April and last until mid-May (or possibly end of May if an extension is given). There WILL be prizes we will mention in the official announcement journal.

:below:Things to keep in mind if you wish to sign up:below:
(please note these are NOT the official rules; those will be posted in a later journal)
1. Since the main language of both groups is English, knowing the English language is key! However you do not have to be fluent (especially if you're the artist), but you should be capable of understanding basic English in order to exchange ideas with your partner. All fanfics must be in English.
2. You will randomly be paired up with someone, therefore you must be willing to communicate and share ideas in order to work together to create a fanfic and art piece that go together!
3. Fanfics should be one-shots but artworks can be anything from a single illustration to a one page comic/manga page!
4. Signing up is making a commitment! Please do not sign up unless you are sure you would like to partake in this event! You don't want to let your partner down, do you? :noes:
5. All entries should NOT be above PG-13, so no  graphic sex scenes/porn since we do have underage members!
6. All entries are forbidden to promote any type of hate including but not limited to sexism, racism and homophobia.

:bulletblack: DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS APRIL 13TH :bulletblack:

:iconsasukeishappyplz: FANART SIGN UPS :iconsasukeishappyplz:

:iconhinataishappyplz: FANFIC SIGN UPS :iconhinataishappyplz:

:iconsasukeishappyplz: WILLING TO DO EITHER :iconhinataishappyplz:
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im-a-tumor 2 days ago  Hobbyist
um, i haven't recieved word from my collab partner...
Kohaya7Kae-13 2 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll try contacting her for you! ^^
istharneko Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the request! *-*
Hi!! :D thanks for add me :) I hope you like my pictures :)
Would anyone like to roleplay with me? If so please note me, and we can roleplay over notes.

I roleplay almost anything, but here is a list.

Labyrinth (But i insist on playing Sarah or an OC, depending on the roleplay idea.)
Hellsing (I insist on playing Integra, Seras, Rip Van Winkle, Yumi, Schrodinger or an OC. Depending on the roleplay idea.)
Elfin Lied (I insist on playing Lucy or an OC depending on the roleplay idea.)
Naruto( I insist on playing the girls AKA Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Anko...ect or an OC depending on the roleplay idea
Bleach (I insist on playing the girls or an OC depending on the roleplay idea.)
Ouran High School Host Club (I insist on playing Haruhi or an OC depending on the roleplay idea.)
Hellgirl (I insist on playing Ai Enma (Hellgirl) or an OC depending on the roleplay idea.)
Fable (I insist on playing girl characters or an OC depending on the roleplay idea. I also play all three games, or mixed.)
Fatal Frame (I insist on playing the girls ghosts or humans or an OC.)
Dead or Alive (I insist on playing the girls or OC.)
Final Fantasy (I insist on playing the girls or OC.)
Silent Hill
or a original roleplay, made up.

I will roleplay anything from PG to R. I will roleplay Action, Drama, Horror, Romance....ect. So please note me your idea if you wish to roleplay with me.
so in the end its the winter theme or...?
cuz i think  the winter theme would be the best
Deidarakitty Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
We did do that last year and it was fun, but this year we did something different, but still just as good :love:
danim88 Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It would be nice if a contest to make a 2014 Sasu Hina Calendar can be started. Different themes for each month :)
Deidarakitty Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
We may do that in the future sometime! Perhaps for 2015 we can have a calender event :meow:
EvansSora Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thx for request ^-^ <3
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