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This is a club dedicated to the friendship/romantic relationship of Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuuga from the hit anime/manga series Naruto! :love: If you are a fan of these two friends or lovers, than this club is for you~! :meow: We offer lots of great SasuHina artwork, creative contests and other neat updates to help expand or fullfill your SasuHina love and needs! :boogie: We are proud to be the biggest SasuHina group on deviantART and do our very best to make sure we can bring our members all the SasuHina goodness we can find! If you like what you just read or other things you see, than feel free to read more to see how to join!

:new: :note: Please note that this is an active group that is usually checked at least once or more a day! Unless otherwise noted, any message sent here will be replied to within 24 hours. :love:

:sun: General Laws of the SasuxHina-FanClub! :sun:
If deciding to become a member, that means you have read and agree to abide by the following rules! :meow:
1) You must must must be a SasuHina fan~! <3 Huge lovers, just casual supports or newbies to the fandom are all welcome!
2) No stealing other people’s SasuHina work and trying to claim it as your own :/!
3) No harassing any other member for whatever reason. Please at least try and get along with other members. :)
4) Don’t fav any of the WATERMARKED work in the gallery, if you see a big WATERMARK ASKING YOU NOT TO FAV IT (from before groups were developed), please fav the original we happily provided in the author's comments :love:.
5) Please, no chain letters or other sorts of spam on the front page. It clutters the inbox and prevents updates and such from happening as quickly. :(
6) Please refrain from large amounts of cursing. We do have younger members. The occasion word will be brushed over, but all repeated and copious using will not be tolerated.
7) If you do not like SasuHina for whatever reason, please do not come and flame our page or members. We respect your difference in opinion so please respect ours. If you do flame the group or our members, you will be reported with no hesitation. :( Please leave us alone. Same goes for members, do not flame any Anti-SasuHina people or clubs. :no: If I find out any member has flamed or harassed an Anti-SasuHina club/person , I will BAN you from the club. People are allowed to have differing views remember, so give respect in order to get it!
8) Any rule breaking will be taken in a case by case basis. Minor offenses, such heavy amounts of profanity, will most likely be given warning first and then revoking membership after so many strikes. Serious offenses such as flaming or submitting art to the group that is found out to be art theft, will be automatic banning and reporting to the dA staff. :police:
9) All dA rules do apply to this group as well, so no breaking any of them on our watch. ;D
10) If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to note us or Deidarakitty at any time!

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Requesting joinage to SasuxHina-FanClub means you agree to follow all the rules of the group.
1) You must like or love SasuHina, I mean why else bother to join? :meow:
2) Please locate the pretty "JOIN GROUP" button our main page and click it! :meow: You'll be accepted as soon as I see the message. <3
3) Make sure you have us watched for our SasuHina-filled updates, cool art submissions and such! ^^ (NOTE: Just :+devwatch:ing the club does not make you a member! CLICKING THE "JOIN GROUP" BUTTON IS MANDATORY. Please don't send in multipe ones though, one is all you need. )
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2) Must be SasuHina related somehow, whether they are the focus or at least somehow a major point in the work. You can submit pics with just Sasuke or Hinata as the center though as long as you're not promoting them paired with another person. :) Love triangle pictures (like Sasuke x Hinata x Kiba or etc) are allowed, as long as the SasuHina side isn't being anti-ed in any way. ^^
3) All forms of art are accepted! Fanart, fiction, cosplay, crafts, base art with proper credits and much more are fine! =3 Just make sure you put effort and love into your work! :)
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8) We sometimes receive a high number of submissions to the gallery. Now to prevent our group from becoming one of those that "spams" too many deviations at once that end up being deleted by the watchers instead of viewed, I will accept them to the gallery in parts. So everything submitted that is acceptable will be submitted, but it might not all "appear" in the gallery at once! ;P

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:faq: Remember Deidarakitty is the only owner and upkeeper of the club, contact her at anytime if you need to~! :heart:
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Raffle Results


Hello SasuHina lovers :love:

After much delay, I FINALLY have my laptop back.  :love:

With 55 beautiful SasuHina pieces, I decided to divide the 600 points into 100 point prizes! This way, we will have 6 winners :meow:

Now unlike in previous years, since not all people have use for points, we will have a slightly different policy.

If you are one of the winners listed below, please comment on this journal if you want your 100 points. This way, I will give the points to those who want them and save any remaining points for later events.
You have exactly one week to claim your points, so comment before September 25th, 2015 :thumbsup:

22. [SasuHina Month 2015] Sleep over by ning-zang

37. Demon and his Salvation by Critterz11

26. I don't want fall  in love by kafugi

5. SasuHina Journey 3/4 by ROCZ

55. sasuhina month by Alya-Y

14. Sasuhina Month - Day 2: Cinnamon buns and TomatoesSorry for that late posting. My computer crash and I only recovered some of my work T.T
Some of the greatest chefs in the world would call the dynamic duo a match made in heaven or the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard but it seemed that the hotel’s director had other plans in mind. At the age of 26 Hinata Hyüga and Sasuke Uchiha are the most sort after up and coming chefs in the world. The director of Konoha International hotel had came up with the crazy idea to bring these two together in one kitchen. Many of the staff had speculated that they would or wouldn’t work well together before they arrived but when they did there was nothing but silence between them.
They were lead to the kitchen and left alone to get settled in. They moved about silently for a few minutes inspecting their workspace until they faced each other.
“It seems that we have to work together this time.”
“I hope you won


Thank you again to everyone who helped make SasuHina Month 2015 such a big success! We are looking forward to next year and hope it is just as fruitful! :happybounce:


:boogie: Member and Group Activities!:boogie:


SasuHina Month Pieces


Hi everyone! :iconcheerplz:

SasuHina Month has sadly come to a close. :tears:

We had a very fruitful month though! So many beautiful new SasuHina pieces were created and we are so happy to see them! :love:

Please note, unlike previous years, the group will not search out SasuHina Month pieces to request them to be submitted to the group folder.

1. :thumb550364510:
2. SasuHina Month 2015 by FoxyMcFly
3-6. SasuHina Journey 1/4 by ROCZSasuHina Journey 2/4 by ROCZSasuHina Journey 3/4 by ROCZ SasuHina Journey 4/4 by ROCZ
7. :thumb550627185:
8. sasuhina by kolo2
9. Sasuhina Month Day 1- First EncounterA rocky road to harmony
It had been a month since they had paid their respects to the fallen shinobi from the war but Hinata never felt so numb. Everyone had moved past a some of their grief to get on with their daily lives, getting their life back on track.
Hinata would look out into the village from the Hyuga watch tower wondering how did they move on, what was their secret to forgetting the pain. Neji had left a huge hole in her heart. Over the time they had spent together they had grew closer. He had been the one person she could be herself with. She loved him more than she could explain. Everyone had confused her admiration for Naruto with love but that was not the case. Yes she loved Naruto and would die for him but only because she believed that he was the one person who could save during the war but Neji had captured her heart completely. She knew its was wrong to think of him that way, it was taboo in the eyes o

10. Pas de Deux by tellmeprettylies
11. SH-Month by Saikha96
12. 3 August SasuhinaMonth by Narusuke-kun
13. SH-month4 by Saikha96
14. Sasuhina Month - Day 2: Cinnamon buns and TomatoesSorry for that late posting. My computer crash and I only recovered some of my work T.T
Some of the greatest chefs in the world would call the dynamic duo a match made in heaven or the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard but it seemed that the hotel’s director had other plans in mind. At the age of 26 Hinata Hyüga and Sasuke Uchiha are the most sort after up and coming chefs in the world. The director of Konoha International hotel had came up with the crazy idea to bring these two together in one kitchen. Many of the staff had speculated that they would or wouldn’t work well together before they arrived but when they did there was nothing but silence between them.
They were lead to the kitchen and left alone to get settled in. They moved about silently for a few minutes inspecting their workspace until they faced each other.
“It seems that we have to work together this time.”
“I hope you won

15. sasuhina sleep by matsuky1407
16. Encounters    1.      First encounter
It was raining.
The day was as dark as it could get, and she was running.
She was never afraid of storms, but she didn’t want to catch a cold. So she ran.
She ended up in front of a store marquee, desperately rummaging her bag for an umbrella when she saw him.
He was wearing a frown that matched his formal, dark clothes, and looked at her with something similar to disgust. Her wet attire and hair was probably the cause of that.
She was a little pleased to see that he didn’t carry and umbrella either.
The rain wouldn’t stop, so she started to consider her options. She could either call a taxi or call her cousin to pick her up. But she was so close to her destination that it was really a shame to waste time and effort on that, she could just wait.
Stupid rain.
Sasuke was so annoyed.
Of all times to rain, it had to be now.
It wasn’t like he didn

17. SasuHina Month(PART1) by Surreal-I-Deal
18. Sasuhina Month - Day 3: A beloved SibblingSpecial meetings
Sasuke would visit his brothers grave ... he would lay a white lily at the base of his tomb stone but he soon noticed that he was not the only one offering a flower for remembrance.
He decided to visit the grave earlier than usual to find this mysterious person.
Just as the sunrise began, he spotted a young woman with a bunch of the same lilies walking though the grave. She passed his brothers grave and placed a flower on it and began to walk away.
Sasuke jumped down from the tree he was sitting on. The sound of him landing on the soft ground caused her to turn around and face him with wide eyes.
"Why..."Her eyes softened and she motioned towards the headstone.
'Beloved Brother'
"I have one too" Sasuke watched her walkway, leaving her soft sent lingering in the air.
"She is one of a kind huh... nii-san..."
They would continue meeting this way for a month until one of them decided that it was time to change their little meeting in the mo

19. SasuHina - Shower by Critterz11
20. Sasuhina Vampire AU by journster
21. Sasuhina Month - Day 4: EmergencyFears are meant to be laughed at
Sasuke was known to be an all round tough guy, a Mr Perfect, which he usually was most of the time…
It was a normal Friday evening in the Uchiha household, Sasuke's parents went out for date night, Itachi would be at university and Sasuke would go out with Hinata or chill at home after a long week dealing with school and fan girls. This Friday he could not see Hinata, She had to attend a family function so Sasuke was suck at home.
After killing time by doing his homework and playing video games he was bored out of his mind. That's until their pet cat Kuro decide that he wanted to be petted. Contrary to popular belief Kuro had white fur, not black, and was the most adventures cat you would ever meet. Kuro rubbed against Sasuke's leg purring in delight as he scratched his ear.
"You like that huh?" Kuro continue to purr happily by his side. "You know I still don't think your name builds character no matter what nii-san says." Sasuke

22. [SasuHina Month 2015] Sleep over by ning-zang
23. SasuHina Month Day 8: Sleepover by Pinata09
24. SasuHina Month Entry by xLiLMeLo
25-28. I don't want fall in love   with you by kafugi I don't want fall  in love by kafugi:thumb552801487::thumb552801027:
29. SasuHina Month Day 13So as you know Sasuke’s birthday was on the 23. I didn’t post anything because I was going to Otakon in Baltimore and I didn’t take my laptop because I spent most of Thursday heading to the hotel, sowing my femaleseasonone!Kirito cosplay, waiting in line in the hot sun to get our badges and then going to get something to eat. Thankfully though, the teacher we went with brought her 6 year old daughter with her and the staff didn’t want to leave her in the sun and our amazing teacher convinced them to get us to the front of the line! Granted we were still there for another hour to get our badges but it was worth it, till I had to stay up till 3 am putting duct tape on my combat boots for my Hilda/Touko cosplay. But my first day I enjoyed and ended my day with a Pokémon photoshoot with the other Pokémon cosplayers. As I was about to head back to the hotel, I wanted to use the bathroom and knew I’d get in trouble with security if I went through a
30-31. SasuHina Month Day 9(Dressing up) Minidoujin part1 by Pinata09SasuHina Month Day 9(Dressing up) Minidoujin Part2 by Pinata09
32. SasuHina month: Alternate Dreams by NateFluff
33. SH-month by Saikha96
34. let me fix it for ya - SasuHina Month, Day 16 by Caypake
35. Sasuke and Hinata as Romeo and Juliet by Gleeky-chan
36. Uchiha's training. by re-iki--uzu
37. Demon and his Salvation by Critterz11
38. Teacher/Student by Pamianime
39. SasuHina Month Day 7: Vampire AU by Pinata09
40. The old story 1-0 [pg.1] by Rin-4an
41. Sasuhina month: Gaming by BeastGreen
42. Free Hugs by MMJ69
43. SasuHina Month-Day 5 and 6: Birthdays and BlanketsI know this is very late (-_-)


Close to Home
The pitter-patter of little feet hitting the hardwood floor echoed lightly until it came to a stop. The rustling of sheets and a few grunts and a soft weight landed on his chest.
“Papa.. Papaaa” Kōu pushed his father’s cheeks together in an attempt to wake him up but it just got him frustrated. Kōu pouted and wiggled over to his mother. He gently poked he cheek to see if she was awake but she did not respond. He looked back over to his father but he too was still asleep so he settle for being in-between the both of them. Hinata and Sasuke peeked and stared at each other before spotting their son nestled between them. Today was Kōu’s 4th birthday and he was excited, Hinata had the entire day planned but it seemed the little munchkin woke up a bit too early for their liking. Sasuke gently draped his arm across them and pulled them close. He didn't get a lot of time wit

44. SH Month 2015 - Queen's Song by im-a-tumor
45. His Last Request by Critterz11
46. SasuhinaMonth Day 28 Music by PianistArgenis
47. Happy SasuHina Month! by SnowstormMage
48. SasuHina Month-Lord of the Rings AUI never realised how hard it is to come up with an idea for SASUHINA month. This is my third story and I’m hoping I don’t stop halfway through, annoyed with how it’s not working out. So Pokémon and YouTubers was a bust so let’s see how Lord of the Rings AU works out. Enjoy FutureKing!Sasuke and Elf!Hinata, the way I think the couples should of ended up being. Please fav and comment.
Dressed in his black Ranger gear, Sasuke walked through the forest known as Mirkwood. He focused on the path in front of him, trying not to let the darkness that tainted the forest mess with his mind. He knew he was approaching the gates when the trees creaked and groaned with a rapid speed. Sasuke turned his head to see a spider heading towards him. Pulling out his sword he waited trying to gage his options. He wasn’t the most familiar with the forest and by this time, an elf would make himself known to lead him to the protective dome of Mirkwood. He had been aroun

49. SasuHina Month Day1: First Encounter by Pinata09
50. SasuHina Month 2015 by wonsterrr
51. What's it like? by Cyrina12
52. Sasuhina(the Last) by The-Deep-Apathy
53-54: The old story 1-0 [pg.2] by Rin-4an The old story 1-0 [pg.3] by Rin-4an
55. sasuhina month by Alya-Y

Happy SasuHina Month from all your SasuHina buddies at the group! :wave: ;) :tighthug:
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